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Dr Petr Denissenko

Research: a member of the Fluid Dynamics group and one of the organisers of Fluids seminars

I am interested in microfluidics, motile microorganisms, porous flows for continuous flow catalysis, two-phase flows, wave runup, energy harvesting, rotating flows.

Self-funded PhD students are welcome



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Phone: +44(0)24765 28010
Room: F337
Skype: petr.denissenko
If necessary, do contact me by calling or SMS (24/7) by mobile at
zero seven four seven, nine one nine, zero double two seven.
Please do not forget to scribe your name if sending an SMS.
When not in the office, I may be in the lab A009 or the BioFluids lab in MAS building.


School of Engineering
University of Warwick