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Undergraduate Research Scholarship - Depth-from-Defocus

URSS Bursary – 2004

The Optimisation of Structured Light Patterns for Maximum Accuracy in Depth-by- Defocus Optical Metrology Techniques”


Jyoti Sehrawat at the URSS poster presentation

This award was gained via the University of Warwick’s Undergraduate Research Student Scholarship (URSS) scheme. The work was undertaken by Jyoti Sehrawat who spent six weeks working with me in the Image Processing and Expert Systems laboratory. The main objective of the project was to evaluate the projection of structured light patterns onto an object in order to enhance the accuracy with which the object’s depth coordinates can be measured by a machine vision system using depth-by-defocus techniques

Jyoti’s main role was to consider the optimisation of the projected light pattern, so that it best suited the camera system employed, and hence, enhanced the potential accuracy of the system. An accuracy of ±0.2% is the target for the overall system once complete, and Jyoti’s work will contribute to the development of the final system.

This project was also later selected for presentation (Dec 2004) to MP's at the House of Commons under the 'SET for Britain' scheme that recognises Britain's top young engineers and scientists. It was one of only four undergraduate projects to be selected nationally.