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Current Members:

Dr Lei Hou


Marie Curie Individual Fellow

Natalie Wride


Co-supervised with Prof. Toby Mottram (2nd Supervisor): “Investigation for long-term deformation of high-speed rail embankment”. Natalie is on sabbatical from Arup, funded by an EPSRC Doctoral Research Grant Award. Her research examines the long term effects of cyclic loading on transportation embankments.

Zhanbo Cheng

Zhanbo Cheng

Benny Ding

Benny Ding

Co-supervised with Prof. Gary Bending (2nd Supervisor).

Chenchen Qiu


Co-supervised with Professor David Towers (2nd Supervisor).

Rose Hu

Rose Hu

Co-supervised with Dr. Chaoying Wan (2nd Supervisor).

Dexter Jin

Ann Yang

Visiting Scholars:
Gang Chen (2018-2019): from Zhejiang University, China
Sijie Liu (2019-2020): from Zhejiang University, China
Past Research Assistants/Associates:

Dr Qiu Song (2016-2017): "Internet of Railway Things (IoRT) - Embankment Monitoring for High-Speed Rail"

Miss Grace Roberts (2017): Coventry Shuttle - Track Feasibility Study

Miss Qianyi Wu (2017): Railway noise and vibration reduction

Past PhD students:

Dr Jing Ni, currently is a Lecturer at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Dr Ni graduated in 2012, her PhD thesis was about "Application of geosynthetic vertical drains under cyclic loads in stabilizing tracks". Dr Ni received the topmost award from the International Geosynthetic Institution in 2011, where she competed with many geotechnical PhD students from all over the world, particularly from North America.

Project Students:

Mr Ryan Chase (2017 - 2018): "Rail Block"

Mr Adam Ahmed(2017 - 2018): "Investigation for potential tram routes of Coventry"

Miss Qinyi Wu (2016 - 2017): "User-friendly programme for vertical drains under cyclic loads" (received Project Award)

Miss Chandni Shah (2016 - 2017): "Soil creep effect subject to traffic loads"

Mr Ryan Wright (2015 - 2016): "Chemical activation of blended cements"

Mr Nadir Rutherfoord(2015 - 206): "Large-strain consolidation theory"

Group Project (2018/19): "Intelligent Transport System"

19-06-2019, Natalie Wride won the British Geotechnical Association poster competition at the ICE.