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Dr Yongmann Chung - Contracts & Grants

With PWC (Principal Investigator) and DA Lockerby, C Davies, "Novel passive techniques for reducing skin-frition drag", EPSRC AirBus UK, £227,610, 11/07 to 10/08.
With G Coleman (Southampton) (Principal Investigator), "UK Turbulence Consortium EP/D044073/1", EPSRC, £71,928, 03/06 to 03/09.
With R.Moss Kerr (Principal Investigator) and D Barkley, "Generating high resolution DNS and LES comparisons (EP/C007921/1)", EPSRC, £90,713, 10/05 to 09/09.
With P.G.Tucker (Principal Investigator) and R.P.Jones Bryanston-Cross, PW Carpenter, R.Moss Kerr, "Aerodynamics & aeroacoustics of co-flowing jets (GR/T06629/1)", EPSRC, £316,666, 06/04 to 05/07.