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Current Project

Title: Numerical Analysis of Wall Slip on Nano & Micro Channels

Project type: Computer software, Literature based, Theoretical

Micro- and nano-fluidic devices are present in a wide range of application areas including ink-jet printing technology, protein analysis, drug delivery, lab-on-a-chip etc. Blood flow in capillaries, when the size and deformation of red blood cells can be significant, also falls into this regime; both continuum mechanics and particle-based simulations have a role to play. Flows on this scale are essentially laminar, low Reynolds number, sometimes non-Newtonian, and incorporate a range of microscopic effects such as surface wetting, partial slip, interfacial tension, polymer entanglement.

We will optimise and extend our simulation programs, and conduct pilot project simulations. This project will make use of the new cluster computer being installed in the Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC)