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Meeting Minutes 22/11/2011


Dominic has made a crude rough surface model

Adrian can get the cross sectional area of the trachea from CFD

Whether we can generate a ‘lego block’ trachea for all patients

Laura has started unsteady simulations

She has started making particles stick to the walls

Adrian has been carrying out grid independence tests

The graph trends that they have been outputting look dissimilar to what he was expecting

He will send copies of the graphs

Dr. Chung: it doesn’t matter what the trend is as long as it converges

Dr Chung: The grid independence is currently being done on simple pipe

Star CCM+ cant do no slip conditions, so you have to have long pipe sections for the true velocity conditions to be present.

Star CCM+ can only do constant pressure or constant velocity

If we had the whole geometry we would

Dr. Chung: Could Adrian impose a parabolic profile on the lung geometry?

Charlie: explanation of the algorithm to generate circumferential point clouds

Yongmann: We can count the number of end points by putting in a bit of code to see where the data jumps.

Adrian: propose to fuse dominic’s with the inlet trachea instead of using simple pipe geometry.
Tom: We can calculate the angle changes, this means we can create a very path specific 1D model based on the
Daniel: Looking at the coefficient of minor loss: Tuning the coefficient as a function of the angle
Tom: The angle can come from the visualisation

This will inform the 1D excel model which will then be fed into matlab

Charlie: Does Airprom have the capability to get us lung volume data?

Dr Chung: yes I think this will come from MRI scan

Dr Chung: whilst we are waiting, could we assume an ellipsoid of the lungs

Dr. Chung: put aims and objectives in the poster

Whatever you put in the title you have to defend

So take particle out of the title

In the poster presentation meeting later that day, Tom got in touch with a lecturer who has recently bought point cloud meshing software called Timmings

She offered to help, this will be great as meshing will be much better on this software