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Project Management

Management Structure

The project team decided to go for a rather unusual management structure for the project, deciding to have both a Project Manager, who remains in place throughout the project, and a Project Leader, who is replaced every few weeks. This was decided on because the project team recognised the need for a stabilising influence throughout the project but also felt that this was a perfect opportunity for everyone in the team to gain experience at leading a project team before they leave university and enter the world of work. It was extremely important in a structure such as this that clashes did not occur between Project Manager and Project Leader as this could have ended up holding up the project and would have made the disadvantages of the structure greater than the advantages. With this in mind, the project manager was chosen not only as someone who the team felt had the necessary skills to lead the project but also as someone who was prepared to take a backseat and let the Project Leaders do their job without interfering unnecessarily.