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STAR-CD Software


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  • How to run STAR-DESIGN in the Engineering Computer Room F211 can be found here.
  1. Double click on the Star-CD icon. If you get the warning ‘Cannot create log file’ just click ‘OK’
  2. Eventually, the STAR Launch window will open. Click on the ‘Pre-post’ option and then click on ‘STAR Design’
  3. The program should open and give you a black screen.
  4. To open the tutorials, through which will we be working, click on ‘Help’ then ‘Star Design tutorials’ and the tutorial document should open as a PDF file in Acrobat Reader.

STAR-CCM+ v2.04

  • Not available at the moment due to technical problems.
  • How to run STAR-CCM+ can be found here.

STAR-CD User Group

Any enquiries to Adam Preece