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Project Teams

Welcome to the 2021 Design Showcase!

There are 17 teams competing for design of the year

You can also visit our Warwick Design Showcase in Gather.Town

Accessibility and Inclusivity

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For young children sitting in chairs, a common problem is that their feet do not reach the floor. This makes it uncomfortable for them to sit in these chairs for an extended period of time, whether to study, eat or otherwise. A potential solution to this is a portable footrest that can be attached to a variety of chairs when required.
Poster thumbnail image Detachable Footrest S3


In the wake of the pandemic, online gaming has thrived. The market for high-tech gaming accessories has grown and we are offering a way to make gaming a highly interactive experience and add another dimension to gameplay. Most games are built around throwing dice, and current online gaming deprives us of that experience. Our solution? A sleek, high-tech, customisable, digital dice tray which can take your gaming experience to the next level. Using a HD camera and detection software we can bridge the gap between your physical and digital gaming experience. Come and speak to us to learn more!
Poster thumbnail image Dice Tray S3


Our project had some difficult objectives to overcome. A key concern of the client was the customers inability to lift themselves above a height of 30mm. As such, 30mm is the minimum height of the system. CAD simulations showed the lift was able to support the required weight of 85kg with a safety factor of 2.91.

Only the lifting mechanism was built to meet the prototype budget (£50). The designs include a chair with rotating armrests to match the client’s specification. Improvements after seeing the prototype in person include placing supports on the links and worm gear to reduce vibrations.
Poster thumbnail image Disability Lift S1


Our project aids with changing bedding, helping vulnerable or disabled people, who struggle especially with changing large duvet covers. The brief was specifically for people who need to use fire retardant bedding, and are often reluctant to change it. This device increases the likelihood that the sheets will be cleaned as it makes the whole process much easier. The device works in a similar way to a blind. The duvet cover is clipped to the bottom of the device, and then using the drawstring, the sheet is raised to a point where the duvet can be easily removed and replaced.
Poster thumbnail image FR Bedding Changing S3


The instrument mount design is a harness to attach to the user, with multiple adjustment options for a unique fit. It is designed to aid musicians with a hand or arm disability, who otherwise would not be able to play certain instruments (euphonium, baritone or tenor horn) without help. To enable the musician to play with independence, this design fully holds the weight of the instrument at the straps of the shoulders, whilst including an adjustable arm that allows the instrument to be held securely (at the desired angle for the user) away from the body.
Poster thumbnail image Instrument Mount S2


Rethinking Sanitary Waste Disposal
This is the SaniBin2.0, solving issues with current sanitary bin designs: bad odours from interactions with air; blockages and overfilling and unsanitary foot pedals. A product enters the bin, activating the sensor. The bin cartilage twists, creating a twist in the bag, so the product sits in its own bag, eliminating unsanitary touch and closing the bin. Powered by a motor, revolving doors guide the individual product bag to the bottom of the bin. This revolving door ensures the airtight nature of the bin, preventing odours, as well as preventing blockages as the product bag is forced down.
Poster thumbnail image Sanitary Product Bins S1

Construction and Manufacturing

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Without any aid, getting a door in the correct position and the hinges aligned properly is difficult with just one person. To solve this issue, our device has been designed so that it can be operated by one person which allows for easy installation of a standard door. The door can be placed in the assist held tight by a gripping mechanism. The height of the door can then be adjusted by the clamping mechanism and moved into position with help from the wheels.
Poster thumbnail image Door Hanging Assist S1


For decades, carpenters have overlooked the difficulties of the door hanging process by utilising lightweight to form makeshift leverage systems. This is often a time-consuming, strenuous, and frustrating process, with angle-to-frame, door-to-floor distance and distance from the frame all having to be defined whilst screwing in the hinges. Our affordable door hanging assist design forms a stable, mobile and adjustable mechanism in which an interior door can rest. The user can clamp the door and effortlessly transport the door to the desired position and raise it to the required height.
Poster thumbnail image Door Hanging Assist S2


Our prototype is a half scale model of our design which conveys how our design would work in actuality. It consists of a wooden base and frame supported by 4 wheels with brakes to ensure a strong foundation during operation. The 3 pulleys allow for a string to be ran across the frame, attaching to a grabber, used to grip and lift billets. Whilst a work in progress, photos of the grabber help to convey the mechanism by which this process would unfold. Our prototype focusses on the ability to create a cheap and affordable solution to the given problem.

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Poster thumbnail image Factory Lifting Equipment S2


The ‘Hanger Manager’ is a small metal device that allows easy, quick and effective storage of clothes hangers. To perform this function the product has 2 main components, the first is the support hook that can either hook around a rail or be wall mounted by screws. The second component is the hanger storage hook, this is a metal rod that is bent to shape allowing even distribution of hangers while also reducing the chance of hangers falling off or the product breaking. These two components then screw together to improve the manufacturability, transportation and assembly of the product. 

Poster thumbnail image Hook Manufacturing S2

Outdoor Adventure and Research

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Tracking devices are vital tools that biologists use to study the behaviour of birds in the wild. These devices are attached by a harness to the bird; eventually, when all the necessary data about the bird is collected, the harness must come off. A weak link is a device which will release the harness after a set period of time, so the bird does not have to carry a defunct tracker around. Our design is a light weak link that small birds can easily carry, that will last a whole year.
Poster thumbnail image Bird Harness Weak Link S2


This glamping pod was designed for The Big Sky Hideaway, who required a small but comfortable shelter for glampers who wanted to get closer to nature. The pod also had to be made using sustainable materials to reduce the carbon footprint. Our glamping pod is a small, 3x2 metre wooden structure with enough room for a double bed. This bed can fold to one side, giving a useable floor space, and has a fold-down table beneath to provide an eating area for guests. Additionally, the pod is able to open up to give a decking with a transparent canopy.
Poster thumbnail image Glamping Pod S1


Welcome to our Glamping Pod Design Showcase: The Luxury Pod. After careful research into the design problem and testing of different solutions, we have created a design which effectively fulfils the design criteria, visualising key elements through three prototypes. 

Prototype A is a leg assembly made from wood and metal tubing, demonstrating the adjustability of the base. Prototype B is a wall section made from wood and plastic bottles, demonstrating the re-use of materials as well as wall construction. Prototype C is the main frame made from 3D printed joints and wooden dowel, demonstrating the general construction of the design. 

Poster thumbnail image Glamping Pod S2


We have designed a Glamping Pod as requested by Dave Cornthwaite to be used in his newly setup campsite Big Sky Hideaway in Lincolnshire. The Hygge Hut represents a place of comfortability and cosiness whilst connecting the user to the outdoors through innovative features such as the fold-up canopy window and retractable porch. The pod can fill the quota of a unique, one-of-a-kind, and ergonomic accommodation experience to fit in with the multiple other exclusive lodging opportunities at the Big Sky Hideaway.
Poster thumbnail image Glamping Pod S3


The problem we set out to solve was the construction of a speaker venue for an outside environment, which must hold 20-30 people and not look out of place in the environment. Our solution for this is an outside amphitheatre constructed from wood, with accessible tiered seating for many people and a stage area with space for a screen. It also has a retractable tarpaulin roof to allow for use in all weather conditions. The colours of the venue are all-natural shades, so it blends in with its surroundings.
Poster thumbnail image Speaker Venue S1


Poster thumbnail image Speaker Venue S3