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How to Apply

How to Apply

Applications are made online. Our 'Applying to Warwick' page gives a full checklist on how to apply for taught postgraduate courses at Warwick and provides the link for beginning an application. You must pay a small application fee or your application will not be processed. Once you apply you may track the status of your application online.


Applicants must satisfy the admissions requirements for degree level and English language.
Before applying, please see our Entry Requirements.


Remember that scholarship deadlines are normally earlier in the year and will often require you to have an offer for the course before you can apply for the scholarship.

If you require a visa to study:

Applications close on 31st July for students requiring a visa to study. You do not need to have sent us all your documents by then, just submitted an application. You can still apply after this date but your application will be deferred to the following academic year.

If you do not require a visa to study:

If you do not require a visa to study, there is no formal deadline for applications. However you should apply with enough time for your application to be processed and for you to supply your documents and obtain a reference before enrolment begins in September. We recommend you apply as early as possible and before the end of August.

Writing a successful personal statement

Before writing your statement

Read the information about your chosen course on our webpages, including the short descriptions of each module. Think about how the course and these modules relate to your interests or future career aspirations. Read our student profiles to find out what our alumni thought about their course and what their career destinations are. Make sure you understand the type of course you are applying for. Our frequently asked questions page may help you with this.


While writing your statement

Your personal statement is your chance to show your enthusiasm for study on our courses.

Statements are normally 500 - 1000 words: be concise. Write in English and in your own words.

Include the following points:

  • Your reasons for choosing our specific course and studying at the School of Life Sciences.
  • How your first degree and/or work experience is relevant to the course. If you are applying to our course in order to enable you to change your career path and your first degree is not directly relevant to the course, tell us about your work experience, the shift in your focus and how you foresee our course helping you.
  • What academic skills you have developed and how they relate to your chosen study path.
  • What personal skills can you offer? Explain how these skills are relevant.
  • Your future career goals.


Common reasons why a statement may not be suitable

Each year we receive many hundreds of applications for our Master's courses. Sometimes we receive personal statements which lead to an application being rejected or delayed while more information is requested.

To avoid this:

  • You may have written tailored statements for different universities: check you are uploading the correct document which refers to our department and the modules we teach.
  • Your personal statement should be tailored to our course. Using a generic statement for a several applications may not include the information we need from you.
  • If you are applying for MSc Food Security please make sure your personal statement specifically relates to the topic of food security. Our course does not teach food safety and hygiene.



Postgraduate Enquiries

Tel: +44 (0)24 7652 4585

Postgraduate Admissions Team
University House
University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 8UW

International Students

Warwick attracts a large number of international students and currently welcomes students from more than 120 countries.

For further help, including specific country information and visa advice, visit the International Office.