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Rebecca McGowan

Becca McGowan


MSc Environmental Bioscience in a Changing Climate

First Degree: Zoology

First job after graduating: PhD at Warwick researching Bean Seed Fly

I studied BSc Zoology at the University of Southampton and then took 2 years out where I travelled across South America, worked on an organic farm and volunteered for the soil association. I found the course on Find a Master's I think? I then met both Dr Hendrik Schaefer and Prof Rosemary Collier to discuss the course – after chatting to them I knew I wanted to study the MSc at Warwick. I chose Warwick as I liked the campus, it is Russell Group, the ranking of biosciences, the variation of the modules in the course and Hendrik and Rosemary were both really passionate about their subjects.

My first impressions of the University was that it was very organised, really welcoming, with a lot of opportunities.

The best thing about my course and Warwick was the variation of modules (all very interesting to me), the opportunities it has given me to make connections outside the course and the opportunity to meet and work with course mates from all over the world.

My degree has enabled me to understand what I am really interested in and confirmed that I wish to pursue a career in academia. I have gained transferrable skills within time management etc… Becoming involved in IFSTAL (Innovative Food Systems Teaching & Learning) provided experience with working with varying people from varying backgrounds. My course prepared me for moving into further study and I am starting a PhD. I shall be researching the biology, distribution and integrated management of Bean Seed Fly (a pest in agriculture which results in reduced crop yields).

My advice for prospective students would be to definitely try and meet an academic within the course before applying to understand if it is the right course for you.