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Ashna Vadher

Ashna Vadher

Graduated 2020

MSc Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Business Management

Studying MSc Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management from University of Warwick has been nothing short of marvellous. Having pursued my undergrad in biotechnology while having a natural acuity for business management, this course provided the perfect balance I was looking for in a Master's degree. I was intrigued by the modules as well as the environment that the university offered. I was also awarded with the SLS Excellence Scholarship, which as a British citizen living in India was an achievement in itself.

My first day at Warwick was during the fresher’s week and is still my most fond memory. The ecstatic energy around campus is so heart-warming and welcoming. Never was there a day when going to university felt like a chore. The modules and curriculum were what made me choose this course, but the professors and their interactive method of teaching were what made this journey fun. Class discussions, group activities, field trips and presentations promoted teamwork and helped polish my leadership skills. Constant support and guidance provided by the lecturers as well as my dissertation supervisor have made me realise and fuel my passion. From the first time I sat down with Dr Stuart Allen in order to understand how to write a good paper to being able to write an entire dissertation, I owe everything I’ve learnt to the professors and their selfless advice.

The student life at Warwick is also quite unmatched and one of a kind. From cafes on campus like Canopy serving some of the best food to dog petting sessions held by the library and frequent events held by different societies, the university has countless ways of uplifting your mood and keeping your mental health in check. Even during tougher times like that of Covid, the university made sure to pay attention to our well-being through several online sessions. The last few months of my course had been challenging with online modules and a tougher dissertation route, but all things considered, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Warwick has prepared me for upcoming ventures and has made me feel more confident, not just for job interviews but also in general life.