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Harry Tricklebank


Harry Tricklebank

Graduated 2015

MSc Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy for the 21st Century

First Degree: Horticulture

First job after graduating: Agronomist, Natures Crops International

Current job: R&D Agronomist at Eurofins Agroscience Services

What was the best thing about the MSc?

Warwick is a highly reputable university with a fantastic range of facilities and has a great student atmosphere around campus. My first impressions were excellent, the information provided to us was very well structured and all easily accessible through the student online portal. I remember the first trip we had to British Sugar which provided a great introduction to the importance of sustainability in sugar beet production. The best thing about the course were the lecturers, with each one having a real passion for their area of expertise. The best thing about Warwick were the people on the course.

What have you gained from your time at Warwick?

The course provides you with an in depth look at agronomy but also how it links into food security and the demands placed on global food production from a rapidly increasing population. We spent many days out in the field with a highly experienced independent agronomist who shared his thoughts and ideas on both current and future strategies for controlling weeds, pests and diseases.

Did the MSc help you gain your first job?

The university has a whole host of connections with agricultural contacts, this provides you with opportunities to attend industry events and explore jobs that are available. I also remember the Novel Crops event day, one of which included Quinoa and listening to industry experts on how these might influence future cropping rotations.

During my time at Warwick I was the chair of the student/staff liaison committee. I was also a member of the Real Ale Society. I highly recommend the MSc at Warwick, I found the course both challenging and very rewarding. Networking for me was a very useful way of gaining contacts within the industry particularly when applying for job opportunities.