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Maria-Liza Scicluna

Maria-Liza Scicluna

Maria-Liza Scicluna

Graduated in 2011

MSc Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Business Management

Nationality: Maltese

First degree: Biology & Chemistry

First job after graduating: Project Manager at AquaBioTech Ltd

Current job (March 2019): Secondary School Teacher

Following the MSc studies, I started working with an aquaculture and environmental consultancy company as a project manager. I actually got my job during interviews I was conducting for my dissertation. The MSc gave me a broad perspective of what to expect in the industry. Of course, not all the things covered in the course were directly used in my work, but the structure involves A LOT of group work, which although difficult at times, enabled the course members to become exceptionally united and very good friends. The course combined the biological sciences, the engineering and processing factor and the business aspect. All these skills turned out to be very, very useful. It enabled me to communicate more effectively with the scientists, the engineers and the company directors to bring together a successful project.

Four years ago I decided to shift my career towards teaching. I did a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and started teaching chemistry, general science and health & safety in a secondary school. It is obviously a huge change from industry, however the teaching styles experienced during the MSc is still something that I think were excellent and would love to be able to apply more of with my own students.