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Marina Sanchez

Marina Sanchez


MSc in Medical Biotechnology and Business Management


Nationality: Spanish

First Degree: BSc Biotechnology

Current job: Intern at Novartis in the Global Marketing team in the Ophthalmology department (Basel, Switzerland).

I undertook a research internship in cancer immunology in the US for 2 years working in the pharma industry before I joined the MSc course.

I chose Warwick because it is a renowned Business university and because of the unique Master's program combining Science (biotechnology) and Business.

The best thing about my course and Warwick was the international atmosphere, great campus and options/activities. Also the professors who connect theory with practice or real life scenarios.

From my degree I gained improved analytical thinking and knowledge of business concepts that can be applied to science. It also improved my presentation skills.

While at Warwick I tried a lot of different activities: climbing, salsa, language, coffee and boxing."