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Ryan Macbeth

Ryan Macbeth

Ryan Macbeth

Graduated in 2011

MSc in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management

Nationality: British

First Degree: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

After Graduating: After graduation I went into Regulatory Affairs, an area we were introduced to during the MSc. I have progressed from trainee to senior and currently manage the UK and Irish Regulatory Affairs team for a smaller company (Aspen Healthcare), having joined from Pfizer in 2018.

"I heard about the MSc at Warwick by scrolling through the University's website. At the time it was a new course and really fitted what I was looking for. I wanted something that would give me some commercial acumen, while adding to my chemistry background with more of an applied biological component. First impressions were the professionalism and work ethic of the staff and students. The environment certainly encouraged focus and discipline and I was also able to join the Uni football team for that year, so the one year was enough to get involved in other activities.

The best thing about the course was the variety of the content and the workload sets you up for the work environment very well. Educationally, the name of the course and University on a CV/resume really seems to improve job prospects and the rewards of completing the course will last a lifetime.

The course absolutely prepared me for employment, and more so than I imagine any other course would due to the variety of things learnt and focus on how industry actually works with regards to biotechnology.

Take time to network, take opportunities to get yourself into a company and work your way up if your dream graduate position is not available, as companies do offer internal opportunities.