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Sam Feathers


Sam Feathers

Graduated in 2019

MSc in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management


Nationality: British

First Degree: Genetics

After graduating: The course highlighted some areas of science/biotechnology that I would like to eventually have a career in, but having been at university for five years I have decided to step away from that subject sphere for a while. I am moving to Spain to teach English as a foreign language with the aim of becoming fluent in Spanish and gain some real world experience before researching potential PhD topics, or I will acquire additional/relevant skills that would increase my chances of employment in Medical Writing or Patent Attorney positions.

I chose this course as I had never studied business management or bioprocessing before, therefore immediately studying the two subjects in addition to science/biotechnology at Masters level was a challenge I wanted to succeed at. My highlight of studying here has to be the amount of resources available for students to study; compared to other universities, Warwick just seems to have something that supports you throughout your studies.

I have gained a working knowledge on how science and business are intricately linked, with both aspects influencing each other much more than I previously anticipated. The course has many, many real world applications so you really get to understand industry much better. By the end of the year it felt like second nature to stand up and talk for 10 minutes or so. This degree impacted me in multiple ways, but importantly it gave me a reinforced determination and mental resilience to complete the copious amounts of deadlines and keep pushing on. Now that I have finished, the struggle was worth it.

The course is hard but worth it, you will meet a lot of people at Warwick both on and off the course from all over the world, some of whom will end up being friends for life. Warwick will give you the opportunity to achieve to the best of your potential and maximising your time here will benefit you greatly. The course will seem overwhelming at times but support networks are there to help you.