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Sophie Mathias


Sophie Mathias

Graduated in 2017

MSc Medical Biotechnology & Business Management

First degree: Natural Sciences

First job after graduating: Associate Data Analyst, Abcam

I did not have to look further once I found the Warwick course because I highly valued the opportunity to be taught by both the Life Sciences department and WBS.

Despite Warwick's reputation for some unsightly architecture I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the campus is and impressed by the new buildings popping up all over campus.

I really enjoyed the breadth of the course and range of modules. Having a broad understanding of the biotechnology industry from a business and science point of view is very valuable. Through the duration of the course, the opportunity to give presentations on a regular basis has improved my skills in terms of confidence, delivery and presentation structure. It was challenging but incredibly rewarding.

Recently I started as an Associate Data Analyst at Abcam, the leading supplier of protein research tools to life scientists. I analyse data to derive actionable insights for the business. I have already drawn on knowledge from various points in the MBBM course, not to mention the skills I gained.

    One of my favourite things about Warwick was the plethora of sporting opportunities open to everyone. I ended up getting back into swimming and took advantage of the coaching available even to those of us who were not competitive – a rare find!

    One of the most valuable things this course will provide is your fellow coursemates: get to know them and their interests in biotechnology. I have no doubt that my coursemates will go on to great things and I cannot wait to see what we all achieve in the biotechnology industry.