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Prepare for the start of your course

Many students ask us for suggestions for reading before they begin their course. This is a selection of reading material recommended by our module leaders. You are not required to purchase textbooks or read them before you begin the course. Many books and journals will be available to you through Warwick Library when you enrol.

MSc Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy in the 21st Century

Each module has its own full reading list on its Moodle page.

You may also be interested in Academic Writing: A guide for pre-induction students, a Moodle guide provided by the Academic Writing Programme.

Warwick Online Learning Fundamentals (WOLF) is an online self-study programme which will introduce you to the concepts, ideas and practicalities of online learning so that you are ready to get the most from your programme of study here at Warwick.

Guides for Students using Academic Technology If you haven't used Moodle or MS Teams before, you may find these guides helpful.