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Making your decision

Deciding on your firm and insurance choices is important and we know it isn't always easy. However, careful consideration should be made because once you've made your decision, you can't change it. That is why we have put together some information to help you find which is right for you. Some information you may already know, but there might just be things you hadn't thought about too.

  • Unfortunately you can't visit the department at the moment due to the pandemic, but please do email any questions to ug dot lifesciences at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Make sure you have had a thorough look at the course. Do you like the style and tone of it? Our students usually have the opportunity to study general biology for the first year before deciding on their specialism - it will give you a great grounding for the future, but not all universities do this.
  • Ask whether there is small-group teaching. At Warwick we provide regular small-group tutorials providing the opportunity for you to develop your research skills and employability during your time here.
  • Look at the laboratory programmes. At Warwick we have an extensive lab programme to support your laboratory skills.
  • Ask what research projects you can get involved with. One of the advantages of coming to Warwick is that there are many opportunities for students to undertake research, through summer placements, the URSS scheme and the final year project.
  • Check where you might live. We have added over 1,000 new rooms on campus in the last 2 years and have been able to give rooms to every offer holder who applies by the deadline. Remember if you want to live at home during the Christmas and Easter vacations you can apply for a 30 week let and save 9 weeks rent but if you want to stay all year choose a 39 week let. Latest information on accommodation

Firm acceptances

When you accept an offer as your firm choice, that specific offer becomes your preferred choice of course and university.

Accepting a conditional offer as your firm choice means you will have a place to study the course at the university you have chosen if you meet the terms of the conditional offer. Accepting an unconditional offer as your firm choice confirms that you have a place to study that specific course at that university. If you change your mind then you must ask the University to "release" you from the offer.

Insurance acceptances

If you are made a conditional offer, you can also accept a second offer (either conditional or unconditional) as an insurance choice. You’re not obliged to make an insurance choice, but doing so provides you with a back-up in case you don’t meet the offer conditions for your firm choice.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any queries you have.