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Making a difference at Warwick

During their time at University our students make a positive difference to student life.
Abbi G-MedhinToluwa Lipede New SLS Black Students Sub-Committee

In autumn 2020 Abbi G-Medhin and Toluwa Lipede founded and became Co-Chairs of the SLS Black Students Sub-Committee. Working closely with the Minorities Officer, they will ensure that staff are knowledgeable about Black students’ experiences and proactive in fostering change. They will serve the community by sharing resources and organising events to promote Blackness in STEM.

Jerry Yu Warwick Institute of Engagement Fellow

Warwick has a new Institute of Engagement (WIE) and Jerry Yu, 2nd year Biochemistry student, has been appointed a fellow of WIE.

As a WIE fellow, Jerry will work to improve engagement in the university and create more welcoming and interesting engagement opportunities, especially in the current pandemic.