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It's a great achievement to get your research published whilst still an undergraduate.

First author paper

Biological Sciences MBio student Rory Whiteford published a paper, with Dr Guy Barker, using research done in his MBio project.

Whiteford, R., Nurika, I., Schiller,T and Barker,G. (2021). The white-rot fungus, Phanerochaete chrysosporium, under combinatorial stress produces variable oil profiles following analysis of secondary metabolites. J App Microbiol 2021 Sep;131(3):1305-1317.

Read the paper (September 2021)

Publication contribution

Bethany Hill published a paper with Dr Andre Pires da Silva:

Robles, P., Turner, A., Zuco, G., Adams, S., Paganopolou, P., Winton, M., Hill, B., Kache, V., Bateson, C., and Pires-daSilva, A. (2021). Parental energy-sensing pathways control intergenerational offspring sex determination in the nematode Auanema freiburgensis. BMC Biology 19, 102.

Read the paper (May 2021)

Publication contribution

Biochemistry MBio student Chloe Seddon published a paper with Dr Liz Fullam in the Journal of Biological Chemistry on 'Structural basis of trehalose recognition by the mycobacterial LpqY-SugABC transporter'.
Read the paper (January 2021)

Publication contribution

Biochemistry MBio student Freya Allen has published an open access protocol for testing susceptibility of Pseudomonas Staphylococcus biofilm to antibiotics in a model of Cystic Fibrosis. The research entitled 'Antibiotic Efficacy Testing in an Ex vivo Model of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms in the Cystic Fibrosis Lung' was published in the JoVE Journal in January 2021. Freya contributed data from her URSS project in 2019.
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First author paper

In August 2020, Biomedical Science student Adrian Racovita published a first author paper in Biochemical Society Transactions on 'Reinforcement learning in synthetic gene circuits'.
Read the paper

Joshua Gibbs

First author paper

Biomedical Science student Joshua Gibbs published a first author paper as part of his Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS) project. The research was published in Journal of Hypertension and featured in a press release entitled ‘Plant-based diets shown to lower blood pressure even with limited meat and dairy’.
Press Release (27 July 2020).

Second author paper

Biomedical Science MBio student Toby Ross published on 'Bacteriophage K1F targets Escherichia coli K1 in cerebral endothelial cells and influences the barrier function' with the Sagona Lab.
Read the paper (June 2020)

Publication contribution

Biochemistry MBio student Emma Reilly contributed to a publication in PLOS Pathogens on 'Immunity onset alters plant chromatin and utilizes EDA16 to regulate oxidative homeostasis' with Professor Vardis Ntoukakis.
Read the paper (May 2020)

First author papers

In 2019, Biomedical Science MBio student Raksha Gohel published two first author papers with Dr Robert Spooner in Biological Sciences Review 31 (4) 25. This A-level magazine makes cutting-edge biology research accessible and relevant for students, supporting them to get their best grade. Featuring the latest thinking on advanced topics, Biological Sciences Review aims to challenge students and increase their confidence with data, technical terms, practical experiments and exam skills.

  • Gohel R, Spooner R (2019) What is…? Sympatric speciation.
  • Gohel R, Spooner R (2019) What is…? A ring species.

Raksha is currently a postgraduate research student within the School of Life Sciences (2021).