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Pre-course reading

This page is still under construction, please check regularly for amendments.


Below is pre-course reading for the MSc course.


Students will find it useful to familiarise themselves with MATLAB and a high level programming language such as C/C or FORTRAN. 

MA912 Analysis for Linear PDEs

Students wishing to prepare will find it useful to read the Appendices and Chapters 1, 2 and 4 of Partial Differential Equations, L.C. Evans Graduate Studies in Maths, Vol. 19, A.M.S.

ST911 Fundamentals of Modern Statistical Inference

Students should have read the first five chapters of the course notes for ST903 and make use of the text books below as appropriate.

Course notes are available at  

Text books

1. G. Casella & R.L. Berger, "Statistical Inference", 2nd Ed. Duxbury.

2.  D.S. Moore & G.P. McCabe, "Introduction to the Practice of Statistics", 4th Ed., 2002, Palgrave.

3. M.H.DeGroot, M.J.Schervish, "Probability and Statistics", 3rd Ed., 2002, Addison-Wesley.

MA 911 An Invitation to Graduate Probability

Students wishing to prepare are encouraged to read Grimmett and Stirzaker <>