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Maria Veretennikova

Office: B3.04, Zeeman building, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick

Email: m.veretennikova < at >

2006-2010: University of Leeds, MMATH: Master of Mathematics

2010- 2011: University of Warwick, MASDOC MSc

2011-2014: University of Warwick, MASDOC PhD

2010 MMath project: Relaxation shock structures, supervisor Prof. S. A. E. G. Falle

2010-2011 Research Study Groups: Geophysical data assimilation (forecasting wildland fires), Brain Imaging (analyzing fMRI data)

2011 Summer Research Project: Control fractional dynamics with applications to game theory and finances, supervisor Dr. V. Kolokoltsov

2011-2014 PhD: Controlled fractional dynamics, supervisors Prof. V. N. Kolokoltsov, Dr. D. Spano

Research Interests: Fractional calculus with applications, in particular to biology, FDE analysis, control theory and optimization, viscosity solutions, mean-field games

Talks given at the following conferences outside the Warwick University in 2012:

UK, Cambridge, CCA-MASDOC;

France, Dijon, SMAI MODE;

UK, Manchester, SIAM National SCC

Publications and preprints

  • "Fractional Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations for scaled limits of controlled Continuous Time Random Walks" - accepted by SIMAI CAIM Special issue for BCAM FCNLO 2013 workshop proceedings; to be published in August 2014.

An earlier version is available on Arxiv: arXiv:1203.6333v2 [math.OC].

  • "Well-posedness and regularity of the Cauchy problem for nonlinear fractional in time and space equations" - accepted by the FDC Journal, 2014.

An early version may be found here:

  • "Scaled limits of controlled Continuous Time Random Walks and their position dependent extensions", in preparation, to be submitted to SIAM, 2014

Other activities include SIAM Student Chapter events and student supervisions

A Modelling camp with Prof. J. Ockendon, November 2012, part of the "cloaking" modelling group.

July 2013 OCCAM Study "Protein rings" group, under supervision of Dr. M. Wallace, University of Oxford:

The "How do large ring-forming multimeric membrane protein complexes assemble?" group

Talks in 2013:

19/02/2013 YRM seminar at the University of Warwick, UK

25/04/2013 XXXI International Seminar on Stability Problems for Stochastic Models, Moscow, Russia

17/05/2013 PDMP summer school, Lebesgue semester 2013, Rennes, France

Other events attended in 2013:

Cambridge, UK, Stochastic and statistical models, March 2013;

Moscow, Russia, XXXI International Seminar on Stability Problems for Stochastic Models, April 2013;

Warwick University, UK, Control and Games, May 2013;

Milano, Italy, Advances in PDEs summer school, June 2013;

Oxford, UK, OCCAM Maths and Chemistry Study group, July 2013;

Bilbao, Spain, BCAM Workshop, November 2013

And here is some of my art: Swans, rose1, Young hare - a copy of A. Durer's work , Horse