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Huan Wu

I originally come from Wuhan, China. I came to the UK when I was 16 years old. I studied my A-Levels at the King's Academy, Middlesbrough.

Academic background

Undergraduate Degree: MMath at University of Warwick

Currently Studying: MASDOC 1st Year PhD

Areas of interest

I am interested in Analysis and Numerical Analysis. In my 4th year of MMath I did my project on Exponential Asymptotic Analysis for Singularly Perturbed ODE's with Dr Volker Betz.

During my Msc-year in MASDOC, I took part in the Research Study Group on Cloud Formation. We modelled the formation of clouds using a 2D Navier-Stokes equation coupled with physical properties of water and air. We showed the existence and the uniquessness of solutions of the system. We also successfully simulated a 2D cloud using finite difference methods. See here for more details.

My current work lies in Atomistic-to-Continuum coupling for crystal defects. Atomistic/continuum coupling methods (a/c methods) are a class of coarse-graining techniques that combine the accuracy of the atomistic model and the efficiency of the continuum elastic model. Briefly speaking, the exact atomistic interaction is admitted around the neighbourhood of the defect core, where the displacement varies rapidly, whereas the far-field behaviour is approximated by elastic effects. Together with a coarsened grid in the continuum region, the efficiency of the numerical simulation can be considerably improved.

Here is a poster that I made summarising the idea of A/C coupling.


Christoph Ortner and Andreas Dedner


Email: Huan.Wu (at)

Office: B0.24