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Maciej Buze


Second year MASDOC student, supervised by Prof. Christoph Ortner and Dr Thomas Hudson.




Area of Interests:

Atomistic models for crystalline defects, with the current focus on theoretical improvements in the construction of the models and on the translation of the well-developed theory to a less pleasent setup of a crack defect.


  • BSc with Honours in Mathematics (First-class), University of Strathclyde (Glasgow), 2015,
    together with Gary Roach Prize, Sir Hermann Bondi Prize and Kelvin Prize,

    Final Year Project: Varational Methods for Partial Differential Equations
    (with the main focus on the Mountain Pass Theorem), supervised by Dr Andre Sonnet;

  • MSc in Mathematics and Statistics (Distinction), University of Warwick, 2016.

    Thesis: Atomistic Models for Crystal Defects(PDF Document), supervised by Prof. Christoph Ortner.


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
    Vacation Bursary Scheme 2013,
    Iterative Methods for Solving Large Linear Systems, supervised by Dr Alison Ramage;
  • University of Oxford Centre for Nonlinear PDEs (OxPDE)
    Undergraduate Summer Projects 2014,
    Entropy and Moment Problems in Macroscopic Theory, supervised by Jamie Taylor.