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Interplay of Probability, Statistics and Analysis

Conference Booklet

Click here to download the conference booklet, which includes the timetable and a list of abstracts for the student talks.

Date and Location

This event took place on the 1st-5th of April 2019, in the Zeeman building at the University of Warwick.


The main aim of this student led conference is to bring together PhD students from doctoral training centres around the UK, giving the participants a chance to present their work to an audience made up of people from closely related fields. The meeting was originally an annual meeting between MASDOC and CCA, but in recent years Oxford, Edinburgh & Heriot-Watt joined the meetings. This year we also welcome SAMBa from Bath.

We hope to organise a successful meeting in order to foster a strong network of collaboration between the participating training centres.

In addition to the student talks, there will be two mini-courses and two plenary talks given by academics. This will be an opportunity for students to learn about topics from a broad range of Probability/Analysis/Numerics/Statistics, which form the four fundamental pillars upon which the host training centre MASDOC is built.

The principal intended participants are students from:

1) CCA - Cambridge

2) MIGSAA - Edinburgh & Herriot-Watt

3) OxPDEs - Oxford

4) SAMBa - Bath

5) MASDOC - Warwick (host)


We have 22 short talks by students from the participating universities. Along side these talks there will be two mini-courses, given by Professor Vassili Kolokoltsov and Dr Marie-Therese Wolfram. Additionally we will enjoy two plenary talks given by Professor Jane Hutton and Professor Wilfrid Kendall. The mini-course topics will be:

  • 'Probabilistic methods for solving fractional PDEs and generalized fractional PDEs' - Professor Vassili Kolokoltsov
  • 'On Boltzmann-type equations in socio-economic applications' - Dr Marie-Therese Wolfram

The plenary talks will be

  • 'Mathematical models meet (missing) patient data' - Professor Jane Hutton
  • 'Poisson processes and Spatial Transportation Networks: network geodesics and Rayleigh random flights' - Professor Wilfrid Kendall

Abstracts for the above can be found here.