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Jesse Pritchard



Originally from Dagenham, Greater London, I am currently a second-year PhD student working with Dr. James Sprittles and Dr. Björn Stinner on 'complex surface effects in droplet dynamics'.

Academic Background

Undergraduate degree (MMath) at the University of Bath 2011-2015

- Modules taken were primarily involved pure and applied analysis

Postgraduate degree (MSc) at the University of Warwick (MASDOC DTC) 2015-2016

- Modules taken: A1, A2, C1, C2, MA4K2 Optimisation and Fixed Point Theory, MA4L0 Advanced Topics in Fluids

- Research study group: I worked in collaboration with three other MASDOC students and also with Professor Wilfrid Kendall and Dr. Sayan Banerjee on 'Multi-Server Queues'. Our work focussed on how moments of a job-size distribution are insufficient in accurately approximating the expected waiting time in an M/G/K queue.

- Summer research project: I worked with Professor Robert Kerr and Dr. James Sprittles on writing a literature review on the topic of 'Rayleigh-Bénard Convection'.