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Luke Hatcher

Academic Background:

I am currnetly a second year MASDOC student at the university of Warwick, and am under the supervision of Charlie Elliott and Björn Stinner. Before that I completed my MMath also at the University of Warwick.

Research Interests:

My primary area of research includes phase-field models and surface PDEs, particularly those with biological applications. Currently I am considering a model for the formation of lipid rafts, where there is a coupling between the regions containing rafts and the geometry of the biomembrane.


Lipid Rafts and Biomembranes, MASDOC retreat, April 2018

A Phase Field Model for Domain Formation for Small Displacements of a Spherical Biomembrane, UK Joint CDT Colloquium, University of Oxford, April 2018

Lipid Rafts and Biomembranes, Warwick Postgraduate Seminar, University of Warwick, February 2018

Collective Motion, MASDOC retreat, with Shannon Horrigan and Zak Lawrence, June 2017



Teaching Assistant for MA131 Analysis II


Supervisor for first year undergraduate students


My email address is and my office is B3.04