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Jack Thomas's articles on arXiv
We show that the local density of states (LDOS) of a wide class of tight-binding models has a weak body-order expansion. Specifically, we prove that the resulting body-order expansion for analytic observables such as the electron density or the energy has an exponential rate of convergence both at finite Fermi-temperature as well as for insulators at zero Fermi-temperature. We discuss potential consequences of this observation for modelling the potential energy landscape, as well as for solving the electronic structure problem.
A key starting assumption in many classical interatomic potential models for materials is a site energy decomposition of the potential energy surface into contributions that only depend on a small neighbourhood. Under a natural stability condition, we construct such a spatial decomposition for self-consistent tight binding models, extending recent results for linear tight binding models to the non-linear setting.
We consider atomistic geometry relaxation in the context of linear tight binding models for point defects. A limiting model as Fermi-temperature is sent to zero is formulated, and an exponential rate of convergence for the nuclei configuration is established. We also formulate the thermodynamic limit model at zero Fermi-temperature, extending the results of [H. Chen, J. Lu, C. Ortner. Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal., 2018]. We discuss the non-trivial relationship between taking zero temperature and thermodynamic limits in the finite Fermi-temperature models.