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Jack Thomas


I graduated with an MMath from the University of Warwick in 2017. I have just completed an MSc and I am currently studying for a PhD in Mathematics and Statistics as part of the 4-year PhD MASDOC programme.


I am interested in PDEs, Applied Mathematics and most recently Numerical Analysis.

Research Study Group: Machine Learning for Image Analysis (webpage)


  • July - August 2018. Attended the ISCD Summer School on Scientific Trends at the Interfaces: Mathematics – Chemistry – High Performance Computing (webpage). Roscoff, France.



  • First Year Supervisor: one group of 1st yr Discrete Mathematics students
    • 1st year modules covered: Sets & Numbers, Mathematical Analysis (Terms 1&2) and Linear Algebra.
  • Second Year Supervisor: two groups of 2nd yr Mathematics students (Term 1).
    • 2nd year modules covered: Analysis III, Algebra I: Advanced Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus.


  • First Year Supervisor: one group of four external maths students studying MORSE, Data Science and Maths & Stats (as above)
  • This year I also helped out marking Mathematical Analysis (first year module for external maths students)


  • First Year Supervisior (as above)

Teaching Materials:

First Year Examples (should open an up-to-date read-only overleaf document)

Other Interests:

  • 1st team player
  • Exec. Member: Postgrad. & Alumni Egagement Officer (previously Exec. Advisor, Club President, Men's First Team Captain, Treasurer, Volunteering Project Founder & Leader)
  • Coaching at a local school (Level 1 Coach)
  • Level 1 Referee & Level 2 Table Official


Office: B3.04, Zeeman Building