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On this page you'll find any feedback or notes for the modules that I have been a teaching assistant for this year.

This year I am teaching MA131 Analysis I.

In previous years I have taught: MA131 Analysis I, MA3H2 Markov Processes and Percolation Theory, and ST318 Probability Theory.

MA131: Analysis I

Over the course of the term I will be putting up notes from our analysis small classes: in general these will be elementary, but as term goes on I hope that they will contain some motivation for why we are studying analysis after all. At the end of the day these will probably be of greater use to myself (as a reminder for future years of teaching) than to students, however they are here for the curious.

Students, use these notes at your own peril: they are not intended to be a guide to what is in your exam, there are many omitted topics, and also motivational material which is non-examinable. For exam preparation always use the workbooks!