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Other Useful Information

This page contains useful departmental information for Mathematics PhD students. The page is under continuous development.


PhD students can only apply for an extension in exceptional circumstances. Please see Doctoral College guidelines on extension requests which can be found here.

To apply for an extension please use the Departmental Extension Request form.


This is a weekly event on Wednesday lunchtimes (12 noon) where both speakers and the audience consist of postgraduate students. The talks are 50 minutes long and are normally on the speaker's research project or on a topic they may find particularly interesting. This also provides a valuable opportunity to enhance skills in communicating mathematics to a large group of people. Talks are usually aimed at a general audience so it is not necessary to have any specific previous knowledge. Postgraduate students should expect to give at least one talk during their degree.

After the seminar, the speaker and audience members are invited to a FREE lunch where discussion may proceed in an informal fashion.


There are a large number of Seminars Groups offering an opportunity for students to participate in both areas of their own research and that of others.


For information on attendance, extenuating/mitigating circumstances, complaints and plagiarism please see the linked page.

Brief comments and hints on the PREPARATION OF THE THESIS.

Frequently asked questions about thesis submission FAQ Submission Process


The Department regards teaching as a valuable part of the training of postgraduate students and specific training for teaching is provided. PhD students are eligible to apply for teaching assistant and supervisor roles.

More genearl information about undergraduate teaching can be found here, with specific details for 2021/22 found here.


Postgraduate students are encouraged to attend conferences subject to the approval of their supervisor. DTP funded students have an overall total of £1,500 for travel and conference fees as part of their EPSRC DTP support for the funded period of study (3.5 years for 2018 entry). The Department will provide the same level of support for other students who have no government or sponsor support. After discussing conference attendance with their supervisor, students should email the finance officer with the approximate cost and dates of the conference, copying in the supervisor. This must be done in advance of any bookings. Postgraduate students are not automatically covered by the University's travel insurance. Please check with the finance officer in advance of the travel.


PhD students are assigned a workspace (with desk and shelving) for their registration period. Workspace availability is limited and there is little scope for changing desks. Please do not move to another desk without consulting the Postgraduate Coordinator.

Please have consideration for other users of the rooms and ensure that you follow the work etiquette guidelines.


Postgraduate researchers (and research staff) at the University have access to the Wolfson Research Exchange, on floor 3 of the Main Library: this is a dedicated space for the Warwick researcher. The space has bookable rooms for events, with free video conferencing equipment and other facilities, as well as desks and meeting tables, sofas and supportive staff. The Research Exchange’s website has a wealth of materials including “Research Match” where you can upload your profile details and find other researchers at the University of Warwick. You can find out about Warwick research community networks and events on the Research Exchange website, and look out for the PhD Life blog where Warwick PhD students write about their experiences: