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Reading group on Infinity categories

There are no more session of the reading group.

The goal of this reading group is to introduce the formalism of infinity categories as extensively developed by Joyal and Lurie. The main source we are following are Moritz Groth's notes. As a complement of the proofs missing we will also use Charles Rezk notes, as well as the Kerodon website. A more detailed description of the talks can be found here.

I have written a brief sum up of the constructions with infinity categories we have seen and skipped until now, under completion you can find it here.

Week Title - Whiteboard Speaker Notes Video Tex
2 Basics on infty-categories (Part 1) Matteo Barucco   Video  
3 Basics on infty-categories (Part 2) David Tintinago Pinzon Talk2 Video  
4 Constructions: functors, cones, join Julie Rasmusen Talk3 Video Tex
5 Constructions: slice, limits and colimits Marco La Vecchia Talk4 Video  
6 Monoidal infty-categories (Part 1) Likun Xie Talk5 Video  
7 Monoidal infty-categories (Part 2) David Tintinago Pinzon Talk6 Video  
8 Presentable infty-categories Julie Rasmusen Talk7 Video Tex
9 Stable infty-categories (Part 1) Marco La Vecchia Talk8 Video  
10 Higher Algebra Matteo Barucco   Video