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Dr Ed Brambley

  Portrait of Ed Bambley  

Ed Brambley

Associate Professor
(joint with WMG)

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Office: B2.36
Phone: +44 (0)24 765 74832
Email: E dot J dot Brambley at warwick dot ac dot uk

Teaching Responsibilities 2020/21:

Term 1: MA4L4 Mathematical Acoustics


Research Interests

I am interested in all applications of mathematical modelling with industrial relevance. I have particular interests in aeroacoustics, fluid-solid interaction, computational aeroacoustics (CAA), linear stability analysis, perturbation energy, solid mechanics and plasticity.

Current research includes mathematical modeling of various metal forming processes, the effectiveness of acoustic linings in aircraft engine intakes, and optimizing finite difference stencils for wave propagation.


Undergraduate Internships/Summer Projects: I have several research projects suitable for a matematics or engineering undergraduate to attempt over a summer vacation, or as a 3rd or 4th year project. I have a small amount of funding to help towards accommodation and subsistence. The projects are all active research, and a good attempt could well lead to a journal publication. For further details, please see here or contact me.

PhDs: I am currently looking to take on one or two PhD students. Applicants should have a mathematics background, or an engineering background with a strong mathematical component. Familiarity with asymptotics is essential. While the emphasis is on mathematics, some familiarity with computing (either C, Fortran or Matlab) and numerical analysis would be advantageous. For further details, please contact me. Note that PhD placements are subject to acquiring suitable funding.

Selected publications

For an up-to-date list of all publications, see my personal homepage.