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Study group on Galois cohomology

Where and when

Talks will be 3-4pm Fridays in B3.01 unless otherwise stated.


  • Neukirch--Schmidt--Wingberg, Cohomology of number fields
  • Tate, Galois cohomology (link)
  • Milne, Arithmetic Duality Theorems (link) (good for #5 and #6)
  • Garrett's notes (for #3)
  • Bloch and Kato, L-functions and Tamagawa numbers of motives (for #7)
  • Coates and Sujatha, Galois cohomology of elliptic curves


Thanks to Florian for transcribing notes of all the talks so far.

# Date Speaker Topic
1 Fri 17/1 Chris B. Definition and first properties of group cohomology — notes(PDF Document)
2 Fri 24/1 Matthew Further properties of group cohomology; relations to topological cohomology — notes(PDF Document)
3 Fri 31/1 Florian Cohomology of arithmetic groups and the Eichler-Shimura isomorphism — notes(PDF Document)
4 Fri 7/2 Angelos Basics of Galois cohomology; Hilbert 90, etc — notes(PDF Document)
5 Fri 14/2 Pedro

Cohomology of local fields and Tate duality — notes(PDF Document)

Tue 18/2 Chris W. Interlude: Cohomology and extensions — notes(PDF Document)
6 Fri 21/2 Marc Cohomology of global fields and Poitou-Tate duality — notes(PDF Document)
7 Fri 28/2 Chris W. Some p-adic Hodge theory — notes(PDF Document)
8 Fri 7/3 Celine Selmer groups and Kummer theory for elliptic curves — Celine's notes(PDF Document)Florian's notes(PDF Document)

(next term)

David The Coates-Wiles theorem