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Peize Liu


I am Peize Liu (刘霈泽, Pinyin: Liú Pèizé, IPA: ljou pʰeɪ tsɤ). I am a first-year Ph.D. student supervised by Dr. Chunyi LiLink opens in a new window and Dr. Christian BöhningLink opens in a new window. I mainly work in algebraic geometry, though I have a wide interest across geometry, category theory, topology, and mathematical physics. Find my writings and course works at my personal webpageLink opens in a new window!

Curriculum VitaeLink opens in a new window


2018-2021 B.A. in Mathematics University of Oxford
2021-2022 Master of Mathematical & Theoretical Physics

University of Oxford

My Master's dissertation is an exposition of Kontsevich's proof of deformation quantisationLink opens in a new window, which is supervised by Prof. Christopher BeemLink opens in a new window. In 1997, Maxim Kontsevich proved the so-called formality theorem, which solved the long-standing problem of the existence and classification of deformation quantisation on Poisson manifolds. This result was listed as one of the four accomplishments in geometry for which he won the 1998 Fields Medal Prize.

Talks and Activities