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2013-14 Warwick EPSRC Symposium on Statistical Mechanics: Computational coarse-graining of many-body systems

University of Warwick, 9-13 December 2013

Organisers: S. Adams, J. Ball, C. Le Bris, C. Ortner

The purpose of the workshop is to explore the interface between analysis, computation and statistical mechanics of crystal, liquid crystal, and defects. We are inviting speakers from mathematical analysis, probability, numerical analysis and computational sciences to enable an exchange of progress and significant open problems between these communities.

Confirmed Participants:

Alexander, Gareth (Warwick)
Csanyi, Gabor (Cambridge)
Jansen, Sabine (Universiteit Leiden)
König, Wolfgang (Weierstrass Institut, Berlin)
Legoll, Frederic (Ecole des Ponts, Paris)
Leimkuhler, Ben (Edinburgh)
Lelievre, Tony (Ecole des Ponts, Paris)
Luskin, Mitch (Minnesota)
Majumdar, Apala (Bath)
Neugebauer, Jörg (MPI für Eisenforschung)
Palffy-Muhoray, Peter (Kent State)
Plechac, Peter (Delaware)
Shapeev, Alex (Minnesota)
Slastikov, Valeriy (Bristol)
Simpson, Gideon (Drexel)
Suhov, Yuri (Cambridge)
Tsagkarogianni, Dimitrios (Crete)
Voter, Art (Los Alamos)
Wilkinson, Mark (Ecole normale superieure)
Wilson, Mark (Durham)
Weare, Jonathan (Chicago)
Zannoni, Claudio (Bologna)
Zarnescu, Arghir (Sussex)

Accommodation will be arranged on Campus by the Mathematics Research Centre (MRC)


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Some practical details

Here is advice on how to get to Warwick University from the main UK airports.

The nearest railway station to the University is Coventry Railway Station, approximately 2.5 miles away.
Here is a map of the Warwick campus (where the Mathematics Department is in the Zeeman Building, numbered 37).
Here is some information on local buses (U1 and U2 connect Coventry-University-Leamington Spa; 12 connects Coventry-University-Kenilworth-Leamington Spa). Kenilworth is 4 miles from the University. Leamington Spa is 8 miles from the University, and has its own railway station.
The cost of parking on Campus is £3 per day.
Lectures will be in room MS.01 in the Zeeman Building (which is suitable for blackboard, OHP or computer presentations).

Aerial photograph of Maths Houses

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