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Organisers: Thomas Hudson and Susana Gomes

Virtual seminars in Term 3

Seminars are held on Fridays 12:00-13.00. In term 3 they will be held on MS Teams. We will provide a direct link to the Applied Maths Seminar team via email, but it will also be “public”, so can be found via the “Join or create team” interface. Once you have joined the team, you will receive an Outlook invitation to the seminar itself, and all you will have to do is join the meeting at the right time, either via the browser or app interface (see recent emails to the staff mailing list and this page, accessible to staff for more info). 

How we will run the virtual seminars: 

  • Please join the calls muted and without video to avoid interrupting and increase video quality. 
  • You will be added to the meeting as an attendee. This means you can't share screens but you should be able to share video and sound. If you want to ask a question during the presentation, you can unmute yourself and ask it - just make sure you mute your microphone after (Susana or Tom will check for this too). 
  • After the seminar, we will have oral questions: we will invite people to unmute themselves (and turn on their video) in turn. 

Term 3

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