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The DAGGER seminar is an informal seminar for junior researchers in Dynamics, Geometry and Topology at Warwick. The aim is to provide an accessible setting where postgraduate students and postdocs can talk about their research or any topic that they have been learning about recently. In other words, any topic that interests you and that you think might interest other postgrads as well can be discussed here.

That said, students and postdocs from other areas are encouraged to participate too! If you are a third or fourth year student interested in these areas you are welcome as well!

The talks usually take place Mondays 2pm-3pm.

If you would like to give a talk or suggest a speaker, please contact Marco Barberis or Solly Coles. We have a limited budget to cover expenses for external speakers.

Term 1

30 September 2019 B1.01 Thomas Richards (University of Warwick) Homotopy Shadowing and the Dynamics of Complex Hénon Maps
7 October 2019 MS.05 Harry Petyt (University of Bristol) What are hierarchically hyperbolic groups?
14 October 2019 MS.05 Solly Coles (University of Warwick) Symbolic Dynamics for Hyperbolic Flows
21 October 2019 MS.05 Luke Peachey (University of Warwick) Introduction to Comparison Theorems in Geometry
28 October 2019 MS.05 Catherine Bruce (University of Manchester) Projections of fractals; the theory of a digital sundial.
4 November 2019 MS.05 Benedict Sewell (University of Warwick) α-Kakutani sequences: taking it ad infinitum
11 November 2019 MS.05 Jone Lopez de Gamiz Zearra (University of Warwick) Geometric and Algebraic Properties of RAAGs
18 November 2019 MS.05 Stephen Cantrell (University of Warwick) Relative Growth of Subgroups for Hyperbolic Groups
25 November 2019 MS.05 Marco Linton (University of Warwick) Hierarchies for one-relator groups

Term 2

13 January 2020 MS.04 David Sheard (LSGNT) Cutting up surfaces and commutators in free groups
20 January 2020 MS.04 Nick Bell (University of Bristol) Generalising Mirzakhani’s curve counting result
27 January 2020 MS.04 Jordan Frost (University of Bristol) Surfaces in groups and how to find them
10 February 2020 MS.04 Irene Pasquinelli (Sorbonne Université) Cutting sequences on Veech surfaces
17 February 2020 MS.04 Alice Kerr (University of Oxford) Product set growth in acylindrically hyperbolic groups
24 February 2020 MS.04 Tom Holt (University of Warwick) Harmonic Analysis on the Heisenberg manifold
2 March 2020 MS.04 Joe Thomas (University of Manchester) The Laplacian on Large Genus Random Surfaces
9 March 2020 MS.04 Tom Ferragut (Université de Montpellier) Horocyclic product of Gromov hyperbolic spaces

Term 3

20 April 2020 2pm MS.04    
27 April 2020 2pm MS.04    
4 May 2020 2pm MS.04 Benjamin Millard (UCL)  
11 May 2020 2pm MS.04    
18 May 2020 2pm MS.04    
~25 May 2020 (Bank holiday)        
1 June 2020 2pm MS.04 Rhiannon Dougall (University of Bristol)  
8 June 2020 2pm MS.04    
15 June 2020 2pm MS.04 Valentin Huguin (Université de Toulouse)  
22 June 2020 2pm MS.04