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The DAGGER seminar is an informal seminar for early researchers in Dynamics, Geometry and Topology at Warwick. The aim is to provide an accessible setting where postgraduate students and postdocs can talk about their research or any topic that they have been learning about recently. In other words, any topic that interests you and that might interest other postgrads can be discussed here.

That said, students and postdocs from other areas are encouraged to participate too! Also, if you are a third or fourth year student interested in these areas you are welcome to join!

The talks usually take place Mondays 2pm-3pm. For the time being, the seminar will be held online via Microsoft Teams. Here is the link to join this weeks meeting.

If you would like to give a talk or suggest a speaker, please contact Marco, Solly, or Thomas.

Term 1

Date Speaker Title
12th Oct 2020 Marco Barberis (University of Warwick) Rigidity of curve graphs and Ivanov's Metaconjecture
19th Oct 2020    
26th Oct 2020 Selim Ghazouani (Orsay) Universality in dynamics
2nd Nov 2020 Ian Runnels (University of Virginia) Right-Angled Artin Subgroups of Mapping Class Groups
9th Nov 2020 Harry Petyt (University of Bristol) Injective metric spaces and groups acting on them
16th Nov 2020 Natalia Jurga (University of St Andrews) Box dimensions of (×m,×n) invariant sets
23rd Nov 2020    
30th Nov 2020 Marc Homs Dones (University of Warwick) Iterative periodic functions and a generalisation of the Babbage functional equation
7th Dec 2020 Valentin Huguin (Université de Toulouse) Unicritical polynomial maps with rational multipliers

Term 2

Date Speaker Title
11th Jan 2021 Jone Lopez de Gamiz Zearra (University of Warwick) Subgroups of the direct product of graphs of groups with free abelian vertex groups
18th Jan 2021 Paul Colognese (University of Warwick) Flat surfaces are negatively curved
25th Jan 2021    
1st Feb 2021 Naomi Andrew (University of Southampton) Free-by-cyclic groups and their automorphisms
8th Feb 2021 Solly Coles (University of Warwick) Helicity and tangled orbits of Anosov flows
15th Feb 2021 Jean Pierre Mutanguha (Max Planck Institute) When invariants are equivalent
22nd Feb 2021 Argyrios Christodoulou (Queen Mary) The Hausdorff dimension of self-projective fractals
1st March 2021 Amlan Banaji (University of St Andrews) Intermediate dimensions and infinite conformal iterated function systems
8th March 2021 Bernhard Reinke (Aix-Marseille Université) The Weierstrass root finder is not generally convergent
15th March 2021 Ben Sewell (University of Warwick) The Hausdorff dimension of the Rauzy gasket - who cares?

Term 3

Date Speaker Title
26th April 2021 Caroline Davis (Indiana University) I’m Rubber and You’re Glue: Elementary methods for complex maps
3rd May 2021    
10th May 2021 Sam Hughes (University of Southampton) Lattices in non-positive curvature
17th May 2021 Rylee Lyman (Rutgers University) Outer Space for free groups and free products of finite and cyclic groups
24th May 2021 Alex Evetts (Erwin Schrödinger Institute) Equations and growth in virtually abelian groups
31st May 2021 Ioannis Iakovoglou (Université de Bourgogne) On the relations between equilibrium states of stable systems
7th June 2021 Sami Douba (McGill University) Virtually unipotent elements of finitely generated groups
14th June 2021 Lindsay Dever (Bryn Mawr College) Counting geodesics on compact hyperbolic 3-manifolds
21st June 2021    
28th June 2021 David Parmenter (University of Warwick)