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Blogging guide - Comments

Comments are literally people’s comments about a blog entry – to answer a question, etc.  They’re how discussion about an entry gets going.

At the bottom of each blog entry is a link that says ‘Comments (0, 1, 2, etc.)’:

  • The number in brackets shows how many comments have been made on this entry. 
  • You can add a comment to any entry, including your own.
  • Comments follow the viewing setting of the entry they’re commenting on.  (If you want to check the viewing setting, look at the entry title:  if no lock symbol, it’s viewable to anyone.  If there’s a lock symbol, hover your mouse arrow over the lock and a box will appear telling you who can view the entry.)  

To read Comments on an entry

  • Click on the Comments link at the bottom of that entry 
  • See screenshot below to see how Comments are shown after clicking on the Comments link.
  • When you're done, find the Comments link at the bottom of the entry.  It now says ‘Close comments’ - click on it. 

To write a Comment on an entry

  • Click on the Comments link at the bottom of that entry
  • Below any existing comments, find the blank field (like a box) called ‘Add a comment’
  • Click in the field (the box) and write your comment
  • Below the field, click on ‘Preview’ if you want or on ‘Add comment’. 
  • Once you click ‘Add comment’, you comment will appear
  • Either add another comment, or just below the blank ‘Add comment’ entry, find and click on the ‘Close comments’ button


To delete a Comment   

Once you’ve published a comment, you can’t change it – you can only delete it:

  • Click on the Comments link att the bottom of that
  • Find your comment, and click ‘Delete comment’ at the bottom right-hand corner of the comment box
  • At the next screen, click ‘Delete comment’
  • Either add a (new) Comment, or exit Comments by clicking on the title of another entry in the main screen or on a tag in the sidebar.  (For some odd reason, once you’ve deleted a comment, the ‘Close comments’ button doesn’t appear)