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Academic year roll-over

The academic year runs from 1st August through to 31st July.

Around academic year end (31st July) there are a number of processes that need to be managed behind the scenes to enable students to maintain access to their appropriate resources from the previous year. During the roll-over period the platforms supporting learning & teaching (Moodle, Talis, Echo360 etc.) identify from the central records system (SITS) the courses (CRS) and modules (MAV) set to run in the upcoming year. Reading from SITS these platforms create the framework of course and module instances ready to support the new academic year.

Moodle roll-over

Each WMS module and course is supported by a Moodle space: essentially a space where one or more teachers can add activities or learning resources for their students.

Module and course Moodle spaces are all based on the standard Moodle templates.

Moodle spaces for the upcoming academic year become available to develop in July/August.

Standard practice for contacting PGT academic leads (Module Tutors in SITS)

Academic leads are emailed a prompting message prior to the scheduled start date for their module. This email reminders academics about updating their Moodle space, contains a direct link to the Moodle space and signposts support available.

Q. What will happen to Moodle spaces at the end of an academic year?

Moodle spaces are archived with student enrolments frozen. This allows students retain access to their Moodle spaces for as long as their University accounts remain active.

Talis Aspire Reading Lists roll-over

In preparation for new academic year a draft Talis Aspire list will be produced and academic leads must go into the list to review and add new books or resources.

Please note that the library are only ordering books and resources that have been added to a published Talis list and we are only ordering e-books. Where an e-book is not available, module leaders will need to consider alternative texts.

What does this means for me?

Updates for the coming academic year should now be made to the draft lists. Academic leads will be required to act and publish these lists to make them available to students. You may want to add the new published version of your lists to ‘My Lists’ in Talis Aspire.

What will happen to the older lists?

The library intend to archive these lists although they will still be accessible to students where they have the link to the list. Archive lists can be copied and published again if needed.

Any further questions?

Moodle academic year roll-over please email WMS Academic Technology team

SITS course, module, student & staff records please contact the SITS Team, Student Records or Exams Office.

Talis Aspire Reading lists, please email Sam Johnson our Academic Support Librarian