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iCASE Studentships 2024

Student group

For iCASE studentships, students apply for a specific project.

Projects have been designed by supervisors from Warwick with an industry partner. Students spend a minimum of three months based with their industry partner.

Projects available for 2024 entry:

Development of novel multiplexed diagnostics for sexually transmitted infections.
Dr Nicole Robb & Pictura Bio

Early and rapid diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) increases the chance of limiting the effects of these disease, by preventing onward transmission and allowing the appropriate therapy to be administered. Left untreated, STIs can lead to devastating and long-term complications. This project aims to develop a multi-pathogen STI diagnostic test that will provide rapid, accurate results and will be able to diagnose in a single test which pathogen is present. To do this we will build on the previous expertise of the Robb lab and industrial partner Pictura Bio in commercialising a respiratory virus diagnostic platform. Work will involve expanding the current technology to other pathogens and sample types. The rapid return of a result provided by this type of technology offers an excellent opportunity for STI diagnoses, potentially enabling diagnosis during a consultation, allowing antibiotics to be appropriately prescribed and treatment of viruses to be targeted and specific.

This project would be suitable for someone with a biology, biomedical science, chemistry or physics first degree.

Key Facts

Four-year MSc + PhD fully funded programme

Contact: Tom Hodgekins

Email: mrcdtp at warwick dot ac dot uk