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Student Conferences

Annual Warwick MRC DTP in IBR Student Conference

We hold an annual MRC DTP in IBR student conference which allows the whole community to spend some time together sharing their science.

These three-day off-campus events have a highly academic focus, with MSc students delivering flash talks and presenting posters on their first short research projects, and PhD students giving oral or poster presentations on research questions, latest results and experimental plans.

This is a fantastic opportunity for teambuilding work which has, in recent years, included abseiling, rock scrambling, cavern tours and hiking.

Our first year MSc students help to organise the conference and deliver the famously competitive annual quiz!

Joint Student Conferences

We held our first student conference in July 2018 with the King's College London MRC DTP. This one-day student-led event was highly successful with 63 students from across the two DTPs attending. Students gave poster and oral presentations on a broad range of research areas, including:

  • Friends or Foes: How Molecular Motors Oppose and Aid Each Other in Intracellular Cargo Transport
  • Tackling the threat of Plague: Development of 21st Century Alternatives to Penicillin
  • The Bacterial Cell Division Associated an ABC-Transporter Complex, FtseEX

We're delighted to be planning our second joint conference with King's College London, Imperial College London and University College London.