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Chalk Talks and Workshops

Our regular chalk talks are a highlight of our MRC DTP calendar. Second year PhD students give an overview of their project to date; outlining key knowledge and techniques, their successes and challenges, and short- and longer-term experimental plans. Students usually talk for around 30 minutes, without the aid of slides or notes (though props are sometimes used!), and invite questions from their peers.

So far in 2019/20 we've heard about a wide range of research including The Role of the Staphyloccocal Ess in the Modulation of Host Responses, Molecular Mechanisms of Gladiolin Biosynthesis, and Polymeric Antimicrobial Peptide Mimics against Biofilms.

Chalk talks are followed by refreshments and time to socialise and network at the end of the week.

To complement the high quality of training that our students receive in their MSc year and during their PhD research, they all participate in a programme of skills workshops to develop and enhance their research, professional, and employability skills. The current programme includes the following workshops:

Innovation and Employability Skills for PhD Students Career Development for Bioscientists
Stress Reduction Techniques for Doctoral Students Designing and Delivering Excellent Podcasts
Writing and Publishing a Scientific Paper Excellent and Confident Research Presentations