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Tasha Reddy
was awarded Best Poster Presentation at the recent Multidisciplinary Approaches to Anti-Microbial Resistance conference at Ineos Oxford Institute (March 2024).

Helen Smith
was awarded a prestigious Early Career Fellowship from Warwick’s Institute of Advanced Study which enabled her to secure a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship with Prof Chris Schofield FRS at the University of Oxford.

Chelsea Brown won the Sir Howard Dalton Young Microbiologist of the Year award for her talk entitled “Modelling Mycobacterial Membranes: Anyone for PIMS?” at the 2023 Annual Microbiology conference. The prize recognises and rewards excellence in science communication.

I Lopez Grobas
Iago Lopez Grobas was awarded a University of Warwick Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine Thesis Prize in 2022 for his work on Biophysical Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Resistance in Swarming Bacillus subtilis. 

A HaighAlex Haigh received the prestigious Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (PGR) in 2021 for her significant contribution to module NT908, Programming for Biomedical Data Analysis. Upon receiving the award, Alex said "From my experiences as both a student and a TA on this course, I had several ideas in mind to ensure that the module was not only academically rigorous but also inclusive and accessible. Furthermore, teaching online presented the unique opportunity to create new resources and really individualise student learning."

J Furner-PardoeThe prize for best Biomedical Sciences oral presentation was awarded to Jess Furner-Pardoe at the Warwick Medical School Postgraduate Research Symposium in September 2021. Jess' PhD research is focused on Bacterial Responses to Candidate Antimicrobials from Historical Pharmacopeias.

R JonesRebekah Jones was the joint winner of the Faculty for Science, Engineering and Medicine Best Thesis Prize in 2021 for her research into Lipid remodelling in host-pathogen interaction and antimicrobial resistance.

A ZwetslootIn September 2020 Alex Zwetsloot was awarded the prize for best Biomedical Sciences oral presentation at the Warwick Medical School Postgraduate Research Symposium. Alex is a final year MRC DTP student based in the Straube lab. His talk was entitled Co-operation of Motor Proteins for Bidirectional Intracellular Transport.

B RobertsIn September 2020 Ben Roberts received the prize for the best Biomedical Sciences poster presentation at the Warwick Medical School Postgraduate Research Symposium for his research on A Functional Circadian Clock within the Blood-Brain Barrier controls Key Pharmacokinetic Properties.

I Lopez Grobas
In August 2020 Iago Lopez Grobas won a best poster prize for Bioscience and Medical Physics at IOP Publishing's first poster conference hosted on Twitter, #IOPPposter. At the time Iago was a final year student researching Group motility as a mechanism of self-defence in bacteria.

J Fenn
Jonathan Fenn was awarded the Science, Education and Medicine Faculty runner-up best thesis prize for Warwick Medical School in July 2020. Jonathan submitted his thesis on Molecular characterisation of the UgpB substrate binding protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis in September 2019.

K Watkins
In February 2020 Kate Watkins was awarded best poster prize at the UK Cellular Microbiology 2020 Conference in Sheffield. Kate's PhD research is focused on The role of the Staphyloccocal Ess in the modulation of host responses.

K DhillonKaren Dhillon, final year MRC DTP student, has secured a Royal Society internship from September 2020. Karen will be joining the Society's wellbeing team, focusing on the wellbeing of people, plants, animals and the planet. Among other activities, she will be responsible for producing briefing papers and participating and organising policy events.

L GermanovaLina Germanova was awarded second place in the Live Elevator Speech Contest (three minute lay audience speech) at the December 2019 American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) meeting in Washington. Lina is a final year student researching mechanical load-bearing mechanisms in the human kinetochore.
T RawlingsIn March 2019 Tom Rawlings received the Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI) President's Presenter Prize at the 66th annual meeting. Tom is working on novel models for embryo implantation utilising patient-derived endometrial stem cells. He was also a double award winner at the 2019 Warwick Medical School PGR Symposium for best oral presentation and the blue sky award for ground-breaking research! Tom is currently completing a DTP Transition Support Fellowship (Academia) at Warwick
K SmartKatie Smart successfully bid for a Medical Research Council (MRC) Festival Open Award grant in January 2019. Katie's award allowed her, alongside her lab colleagues, to upgrade the group's virtual reality protein viewer tool into an educational tool to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance. The group used the tool at outreach events during the MRC Festival Week in June 2019. Katie is now undertaking a DTP Transition Support Fellowship (Industry) with Bicycle Therapeutics.
J FennIn April 2018 Jonathan Fenn was awarded a poster prize at the Astbury Conversation Conference in Leeds. Jonathan's poster looked at the structure and function of an essential sugar transporter from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Jonathan is now currently undertaking a DTP Transition Support Fellowship (Industry) in an NHS clinical chemistry lab.
Lauren GarbuttLauren Garbutt received support from the British Neuroendocrinology Society (BSN) for a project on rhythms in tanycytes in the summer of 2018. The results were presented as a poster at the International Congress of Neuroendocrinology in Toronto in July 2018, where Lauren also chaired a session on Metabolic Clocks.
At the UK Clock Club in Cambridge (2019) Lauren's abstract was selected for an oral presentation and received the "Most novel poster" prize.
In 2020, Lauren was awarded a project grant to extend her PhD project on a novel reporter mouse model from the BSN.