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Following successful completion of their MSc course, students will embark on three years of exciting research leading to a PhD in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research.

Projects should be student-led and designed during the summer with two supervisors. Here are some ideas of the multidisciplinary projects that are possible with supervisors from across the Warwick campus:

Quantitative Cellular Dynamics 
  • Proteomic analysis of spindle checkpoint signalling | Millar (Medical School), Jones (Life Sciences)
  • Connexin 26 and cerebrovascular reactivity to CO2 | Koentges, Dale (Life Sciences)
  • Origins of chromosome non-disjunction in mitosis and meiosis | McAinsh, Hartshorne (Medical School)
  • Cellular mechanisms of cognitive enhancement | Frenguelli ((Life Sciences), Richardson (Systems Biology)
  • Analysis of actomyosin ring assembly and constriction by click-chemistry | Balasubramanian (Medical School) O’Reilly (Chemistry)
  • Kinesin-6 and the molecular basis for congenital dyserythropoietic anemia type III | Cross, Mishima (Medical School)
  • How circadian clocks can lead to and influence disease progression and treatment | Dallmann, Levi (Medical School) Rand, Ballesta (Systems Biology)
  • Modelling chromosome and microtubule dynamics | Burroughs, (Systems Biology) McAinsh, Cross (Medical School)
  • Dynamics and novel components of the eukaryotic replisome | De Picolli (Medical School), Burroughs (Systems Biology)
  • Modelling and inference from neuroimaging data | Nichols (Statistics), Collingwood (Engineering)
  • Age-related changes in neuron-glia signalling | Pankratov (Life Sciences), Richardson (Systems Biology)
  • Mechanisms governing myometrial smooth muscle contraction | Blanks, Brosens (Medical School), Rand (Systems Biology)
  • Reporters, activators and structural analysis of clathrin mediated endocytosis | Royle (Medical School), Smith (Life Sciences)
  • Microtubule based RNA transport in embryonic development and disease | Sampath, Cross (Medical School)
  • Mechanisms and mathematical models of cell migration and muscle cell differentiation | Straube (Medical School), Bretschneider (Systems Biology)
Molecular Microbiology
  • Global population genomics of bacterial pathogens | Achtman, Pallen (Medical School), Connor (Chemistry)
  • Pathogenesis and cell biology of viral infections | Anderson, Easton (SLS)
  • Genomic epidemiology of respiratory and gastrointestinal pathogens in West Africa | Antonio, Pallen (MEdical School)
  • Role of regulatory RNAs in bacterial global gene regulation | Denham, Constantinidou, Robinson (Medical School)
  • Mechanisms of nutrient and sugar uptake in Mycobacterium tuberculosis | Fullam (Life Sciences), Gibson (Chemistry)
  • Molecular characterisation of Clostridium difficile isolates and their prophages | Millard, Unnikrishnan (Medical School)
  • Microbiomes in health and disease | Millard, Quince (Medical School)
  • Genomic epidemiology of bacterial pathogens and resistance | Pallen, Loman (Medical School), Connor (Chemistry) Sheppard, Robinson, Keeling (Life Sciences), Hollingsworth (Mathematics)
  • Antibiotic resistance mechanisms of human bacterial pathogens | Dowson / Roper (Life Sciences) Roemer / Brown / Turner (Physics), Robinson / Pallen (Medical School).
  • Antimicrobial Natural Product Discovery: From Bioinformatics to Bedside. | Waterfield (Medical School), Gibson (Chemistry), Challis (Chemistry)
  • Characterisation and inhibition of peptidoglycan biosynthesis | Roper / Dowson (Life Sciences) Bugg / Sadler / Lewandowski / Rodger / Gibson (Chemistry), Chappell/Evans (Engineering), Turner / Brown (Physics)
  • Antimicrobial resistance mechanisms through cell membrane flipping | Chappell/ Evans (Engineering)
  • Self-assembling peptidomimetic metallohelices as antimicrobial agents | Scott (Chemistry), Pallen (Medical School)
  • Antibiotic biosynthesis in actinomycete bacteria | Corre (Chemistry), Challis (Chemistry), Wellington (Life Sciences)

Further information

If you have any queries regarding your eligibility then please contact us on

mrcdtp at warwick dot ac dot uk