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Student Support

If you're on campus and there's an emergency, please contact Community Safety on 024 7652 2222; Emergency Contacts are here.

Student Guides

The Digital Education Interns have created and gathered new Student 'voice' Guides, covering other Learning Resources, our tips, WMS iPads, Phases, terminology, Trusts, the Muslim Student's Handbook - and we're building more. Leave your tips or more questions as comments, or email hereLink opens in a new window.

Support A-Z

For a list of quick-links you can bookmark, save this WMS WellbeingLink opens in a new window

Free Food!

Every day you can get porridge at breakfast, and (vegan) soup at lunch from the Gibbet Hill cafe!

It should be available next to the payment counter, but if not, just ask the staff

The TooGoodToGo app gives big reductions on 'end of day' food, and this cafe use it too!

MedSoc Welfare Officer

Grace's role is peer-pastoral support - signposting, advocating, or just listening if you want to vent!

Drop-ins - in-person or Teams

Email Link opens in a new window for a chat whenever you need.

WMS Welfare and Cost of Living Schemes, ran or supported by the Welfare Officer:

Home Comforts

Need a pick-me-up on a long study day?

There are plenty of snacks like biscuits, fruit, tea, and coffee, plus blankets and hot water bottles to get you through!

Find me: MTC PC room, under the desks closest to the printers.

Kindness Pantry

If you're having a hard time affording food, then please don't hesitate to pick up the essentials here.

There are tins, pasta, cupboard staples, snacks, and more from our open-access Kindness Pantry.

Find me: MTC, next to the vending machines.

Thank you to founder Emily Garrett of WHAMLink opens in a new window.

Hygiene Scheme

You can also find basic hygiene items too! Toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, and more - plus a hairdryer in the MTC!

We also stock period products in the toilets and our Kindness Pantry.

Find me: second to the bottom shelf of the Kindness Pantry, and various bathrooms.

Breakfast Club

You can always find something free for breakfast in the MTC kitchen!

Look for 'Breakfast Club' labels on the cupboards and in the fridge to find oats, cereal, milk, and more.

Sometimes there's even CBL-group cakes or leftover sandwiches from WMS events.

Find me: MTC kitchen


Please drop off any items you can spare to their respective locations, or email if you're unsure. These support schemes are run entirely on donations and small student experience grants. We always need food and hygiene items - and definitely more mugs!

Medic Families

All our Medic Parents sign up to support and guide our newer peers. So, no matter how long it's been since you last spoke, reach out to them, or your Medic Siblings.


Here you'll find the many groups that advise, support, and advocate for students with various backgrounds or interests on issues specific to their needs.

WGG is a peer-led support group for those bereaved, those supporting a bereaved friend, and those who just want to learn more.

It's a safe space to openly chat, cry, laugh - or however grief impacts you.

Peer Teaching Network

WMS has a long history of a supportive student community teaching the cohort behind them.

Regardless of your background, there's always a Sem that can help you - so try them out!

Faculty Support

There are many staff you can reach out to, whose role is to support you throughout your time at WMS.

Find their profiles and remits here - an overview of all WMS staff is coming soon.

Student Staff Liaison Committee

The SSLC advocates for students by raising issues impacting us directly with WMS staff. These students and staff meet four times per year and are represented by a diverse body of students. You can submit agenda items anonymously via forms on their page here.

Students Union

The focal point of main campus, as a union they exist to support, advise, and advocate for all students.

The Advice Centre is a free, confidential, professional, and non-judgmental service, independent of the Uni.

Wellbeing & Student SupportLink opens in a new window

Located at Senate House, the team is open 8:30-5; message them via the Wellbeing Portal, or call 024 7657 5570.

They offer Brief Consultation, 1:1, email, and group therapy sessions, can link you to further counselling, Disability Services support, self-management resources, and funding advice.

Disability ServicesLink opens in a new window

Part of the Wellbeing & Support Services on main campus, they encourage existing and prospective students to report any disability or learning need so they can implement any reasonable adjustmentsLink opens in a new window. They have multiple ways to support you, including via Study Skills or screening and diagnostic support for Learning Differences. Contact them via this PortalLink opens in a new window for an appointment.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, please reach out to the student WMS Disability Network for any advice, support, and clarity on services or any processes too (i.e. our guide to Neurodiverse assessments is here).