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Physics A to Z


Academic Leave Diary

Email your absenses to

Academic Promotions

Promotion guidelines and criteria

Accident/Incident/Near Miss Reporting

Procedure for reporting accidents or incidents


Departmental administration

Advance on Travel Expenses

How to obtain an advance to cover travel expenses

Alumni and Careers

Information for Physics students

Analytical Capability Guide

Current catalogue of available instrumentation and techniques available through Warwick Scientific Services

Annual Leave

Annual Leave provision, including statutory and customary holiday dates

Annual Review (now known as Personal Development Review)

Information on Personal Development Review process and forms

Approved Suppliers

List of all university approved suppliers


Bank Details

University Bank Account Details

Bullying, harrassment and dignity at work

Bullying, harrassment and dignity at work policy and procedures


Calendar of activities

Activities and deadlines for Physics through the academic year

Car hire

Details of current approved supplier for car hire

Car parking

Car parking

Career development for support staff

Career development for administrative and technical staff

Careers in Physics

News, Jobs and Career Opportunities in Physics


Menus for refreshments available to be delivered to University meetings. Catering requests can be sent to physicsadmin at warwick dot ac dot uk along with a cost code.

Central Timetabling team (CTT)

Link to central timetabling and room bookings


Instructions on how to order chemicals in Opera

Christmas Dinner

Information regarding the departmental Christmas dinner.

Committee Structure

Information on the various Departmental Committees

Computers and Email support

IT support

Concur Expenses System

Direct link to Concur

Concur Guidance

Advice & guidance on how to use Concur

Conferences: How to register and pay

How to register and pay for conferences

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest Policy & Procedure FP1 form

Contract Research Staff

The Physics Contract Research Staff representative is Dr Dimitri Veras.

Contracts- non research

Link to finance office guidance

Courier instructions

Post and courier services

Credit card use and orders

Guidelines for departmental credit card use and orders


Declaration of Interests

Conflicts of Interest Policy & Procedure form

Dignity at Work

Dignity and Work Policy and contacts


Maps and directions to the Department of Physics.


Education Committee

Education committee membership, agendas, minutes, new modules log

Equality in Physics

Equality and diversity policies, procedures and projects.

Estates office

Estates office

Exam Information for Staff

Guidelines from the Staff Handbook

Expense claim

Making an expense claim

Experience for Physics internal viva examiners

For use when completing the Nomination of Examiners form

e-Procurement System



FP1 Form

Declaration of Interests

Fin regs and off campus permissions

Instructions for permissions needed from Fin regs

Finance Office forms and guides

Finance office resources

Finance: Goods receipting

What is goods receipting (GR)?

Financial regulations and procedures

Link to university's Financial regulations and procedures

Fire Brigade Strikes

Instruction for the Fire Brigades Union Strike Action

Fire Procedures

Fire Procedure for Physics, Physical Sciences, MAS, Millburn House

First Aiders

List of first aiders for Physics, Physical Science, MAS and Millburn House



Committee structure

Graduate school PGR examination monitoring
Graduate school PGR examination monitoring
Grant application procedures

How to submit a grant application



Bullying and Harrassment Policy and Procedures

Health and Safety

Health and Safety for Physics

Holiday dates

Link to annual leave and customary/statutory days

How to make a purchase
How to make a purchase
Human Resources

Link to HR homepage


ITS helpdesk

Contact details for IT Services helpdesk

Ideate- Electronic Research Administration

Ideate system


Impact pages of the Physics Department

Impact Fund

Link to Warwick Impact fund website

Imports, Duty and import VAT
Imports, Duty and import VAT
Incident Reporting

Procedure on reporting incidents.

Induction for Staff

Contains the induction procedures for new members of staff

Institute of Advance Study (IAS)

Link to IAS funding opportunities.

Insurance - Travel

Information on Travel Insurance

Intent to Submit Form PG Students

Part One for completion by the student



Physics jobs in other departments


Laboratory safety

Policies for safe working in laboratories

Laptop and Projector bookings
Laptop and Projector bookings
Late working rules

Departmental rules on late working

Learning and Development Centre

Staff development

Letterhead Templates

Departmental Letterhead Templates

Library matters



MATLAB site license

MPAGS Timetable

MPAGS Timetable

Management Committee

Link to the Physics Management Committee webpages

Materials Global Research Priority

Materials GRP

Maternity Leave - Staff

Information on maternity leave for staff

Maternity Leave - Students

Information on maternity leave and support for students

Mechanical workshop

Guidance to work in the mechanical workshop

Merit Pay

Guidance from central HR


New Starters

Information on new starters within the Department

New vendors
New vendors

Departmental newsletter - issued quarterly.

Nomination of Examiners

Part Two for completion by supervisors



e-Procurement System

OPeRA - adding a costcode to favourites

OPeRA - adding a costcode to favourites

OPeRA Training

Moodle courses on how to use OPeRA

Open Access Publications of Journals

Information on open access, which refers to research literature that has been made freely accessible, publicly for anyone interested in the literature.

Open Data (Research Data Management)

Information on research data management, open data and data statements.


Software for data plotting.


Information on the department's Outreach activities.


PG Room Numbers Form

Tell Us Where You Live In Physics

PGR Info for Staff

Important dates, feedback submission forms and useful information

Paternity Leave

Information on paternity leave for staff

Paying Conference fees

How to pay conference fees

Payroll and personnel forms

Payroll and personnel forms


Information and background for the Foucault pendulum and stunning floor design found in the entrance lobby of the Physics Department

Personal Development Review (PDR)

Information on PDR process and forms

Personal subscriptions
Personal subscriptions
Personnel salary costings

How to cost salaries for research grants and contracts

Petty cash
Petty cash
Photo Album

Photos from Departmental Events

Post Graduate Admissions Info for Staff

Important information regarding applications, DTG allocations, deadlines etc.

Post and couriers

Post and courier instructions

Poster Printing

Instructions on how to use the Physics poster printer.

Postgrad Conference Travel Cost Codes

Log in to find your conference travel budget

Postgraduate Administration for Staff
Postgraduate Administration
Postgraduate Feedback Supervisors

PGs can check the name of their Feedback Super

Postgraduate Next of Kin Details

Submit next of kin details in case of an emergency

Postgraduate Project Titles and Summaries Form

Submit Project Titles and a Summary

Postgraduates - Find where they are located

Find where are Postgraduates live in the department

Printing: How do I install the printer

Instructions on how to install printers on the network, including the photocopiers, for managed and unmanaged computers.


Details of Prizes awarded to students from the Department of Physics

Project budget reporting
Project budget reporting
Projector and laptop bookings

Promotion information for Academic and Research Staff


Details of the Physics Department staff and students' publications

Purchase orders

How to raise a purchase order through OPeRA


How to purchase or pay for an item using OPeRA

Purchasing office (procurement)

Link to procurement and insurance


Questionnaire Responses

Responses to Module Questionnaires


Recruitment and selection

Link to staff appointment procedures


Guidelines and forms for redeployment

Relocation Expenses

Details on how to claim relocation expenses

Research & Impact Services- contacts for Physics

Physics contacts in RIS

Research Committee

Webpage for the Physics Research Committee

Research Data Management (Open Data)

Information on research data management, open data and data statements.

Research Development Fund (RDF)

Link to RDF website

Research and Impact Services

RIS website

Research contract start and end dates

Contract information

Research grant applications and contracts

Costings, approval and R&IS contact points

Risk Assessments

Information and the procedure for carrying out risk assessments and link to risk assessment form

Room bookings and Timetables
Room bookings and Timetables



Health and Safety for Physics

Safety policy

Departmental policy on safety

Salary tables and costings
Salary tables and costings
Sale of equipment
Sale of equipment
Screens at Physics

Managing the Physics display screens

Security Services

Security Services- car parking, security, registering an outdoor event

Seminars and meetings diary

Seminars and meetings

Senior Performance and Remuneration Review

Linked to DPR (Annual Review)

Single tenders

Information on tendering


List of software available at Warwick

Staff Handbook

Information for staff members with tutees or teaching undergraduate modules

Staff Meetings

General physics staff meeting

Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Student welfare

Student welfare

Submissions Form For PG students Modules

Submissions Form

Supervisor Percentage Split

List of Supervisors, their students and the workload split



Information about the Transparent Approach to Costing, the standard method used for costing in higher education in the UK.


For Monitoring student attendance


Booking a taxi


Education Committee, Staff Handbook, Teaching Duties, Teaching Questionnaires,

Teaching and Demonstrating

Role allocation lists/Timesheets/Rates of Pay

Term Dates (university)
University term dates
Terms and conditions of employment

Terms and conditions of employment

Time Sheets

For claiming payment for Teaching - Marking - Lab Demonstrating - Invigilating - Open Days etc

Time analysis survey (TAS)

TAS survey, used to generate data for TRAC purposes


Programme of study timetables

Travel allowances

UK and overseas per diem travel and subsistence allowances

Travel insurance

You MUST notify the Department (via of your travel arrangements ahead of the period of travel. This will ensure that anyone travelling will be more easily identified in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

Travel: How to Raise a Purchase Order

Easy instructions on how to raise a PO for travel.

Travel: How to book travel

How to book flights, trains, taxis and accommodation

Travel: general ledger codes

General ledger codes


UG handbook

UG handbook

Undergraduate Teaching handbook

Information on UG teaching in the department

Undergraduate Vacation Projects (URSS)

Information about our summer UG vacation projects



VAT and import duty

VAT Number

University VAT Number

Vehicle rental

Details of current approved supplier for car hire


Setting up a new vendor

Visiting postgraduate students

Information for visiting postgraduates

Visiting students

Information for visiting postgraduate students (Graduate school)

Visitor Parking

Information on parking arrangements for visitors


How to appoint a visitor


WIFI Guest Access

Instructions on how to obtain access to wifi for guests.

Warwick Research Archive Portal (WRAP)

WRAP is the University of Warwick’s institutional repository. It is a full-text, open access service showcasing and preserving research outputs of the Warwick community. The link here gets you to information on how to use WRAP. A direct link is

Warwick conferences

training and conference centres

Waste Disposal

Guidance on safe disposal of waste (including radioactive and chemical) in Physics.

Welfare and Communication Group

Welfare and Communication Group

What's new on the Physics website
What's new?
Women in Physics

Supporting women's careers in physics

Work Life Balance

Tips on how to improve your work life balance.

Work experience

Work experience in the Physics department

Working in Physics

Useful links relevant to working in the Physics department

Working patterns

Working patterns for support staff

Workload Algorithm

Information on allocation of teaching duties